Commercial products


Third and last sector of carenini Gino S.r.l.s. – Motors & Components contains a wide range of products.

We hold exclusive rights for several brands such as KW Automotive GmbH, German leader specialized in the production of suspension systems. Even the Austrian company Steinbauer TTA GmbH.

Leader in the field in supplying power enhancing accessory units for petrol and diesel engines is part of our several collaboration partners as well as Dbilas. DBilas, Germany producer of double carburetor systems and Flowtec – intake manifolds. Last acquisition is the Finnish company of “Martelius Exhaust Oy“. We became the official importer of exhaust manifolds and special exhaust systems for the Italian market.

We provide many other commercial products listed on our web page. On request we leave technical information, availability, prices etc.


Accessories Various accessories

cerchi Alloy wheels

kit_elaborazioni Performance kits

moduli_aggiuntivi Power Enhancement

motore Engine

prodotti_speciali Special spare parts

motore Exhaust systems

Suspensions Suspensions

transmissions Transmissions