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Martelius Exhaust was founded in 1982 by Arto Martelius, who still remains the president of the company. During his engineering studies Arto became fascinated by the functionalities of a tubular exhaust manifold, and started doing calculations and models of his own. This led to a part time side business of manufacturing exhaust manifolds for the popular rally cars of the 80’s era. The work took place in his own garage with homemade tube benders and tools. Due to the engineering input invested in the products, tuners around Finland begun recommending Martelius as the solution that would bring the best power and torque out of the engines. By 1988 Arto was already a full time entrepreneur and Ford, Opel, BMW and Toyota manifolds among others were produced in a purpose built industrial unit.

By the 2000’s that first factory had grown small several times. Product development also spread to street tuned cars and their exhaust systems. In 2017, after the most recent extension unit acquired only last year, the Martelius factory has grown to 1600m2 in two units. All manufacturing is still done in house by hand to ensure the highest quality control. Martelius stays on top of the latest technology with constant research and engineering work, also co-operating with local universities for laboratory work. This research has now spread from only performance to also the precise control of the exhaust sound experience. The knowhow within the company ranges from experience in naturally aspirated race engines to a deep understanding of modern ultra-high performance turbo- and supercharged applications where custom solutions are often needed.

With these attributes Martelius strives to be the one stop shop for performance exhaust needs of all kinds.

carenini Gino S.r.l.s. – Motors & Components – became the official Italian representor for the well-known Finnish company Martelius Exhaust Oy.

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