The name Carenini is synonymous with Motorsport.

National and international experiences gained over in the last 40 years of racing gives the company the expertise and knowledge to respond to every aspect of a customer’s requests in the preparation of their racing cars. From a simple tuning on street-cars to the preparation of a racing cars the company carenini Gino S.r.l.s. – Motors & Components is able to satisfy personal requests by a sporting clientele.

The team is not only looking after the complete preparation of your racing car. We offer our expertise and knowledge to respond to every aspect of our customer’s requests in the preparation of their racing cars. Our ability and skill to keep up-to-date with all new advances in technology are second to none. We provide assistance in all types of motorsport, to include: uphill, circuit and rally.

We offer our complete motorsport-service on classic racing cars (Youngtimer) as well as on modern.

carenini Gino S.r.l.s. – Motors & Components produces and sells special car spare parts on clients requests.

The stationary “Borghi” testing bench with a measuring potential of up to 450HP allows the highest accuracy to be achieved in the fine tuning of engines. This equipment may be leased by third parties on request.

Carenini is committing on preparation and processing racing cars and participate on national and international race competitions. Famous pilots drove in national and european races with us. As you can see on the following picture we participated on the legend 24H at the Nürburgring in 1992 with the Italian Championship (Campionato italiano di velocita).

All the racing cars made by carenini Gino S.r.l.s. – Motors & Components, can participate on races divided on its category – classic or modern. As may you have noticed we participated on different championships in the mythical years 70/80 with magnificent racing cars, today called classics (Youngtimers).

Participation on championships can be organized on national and international territory. Furthermore the staff of carenini Gino S.r.l.s. – Motors & Components speaks Italian, German and English.

Carenini Gino S.r.l.s. keeps up with the preparation of the race car and offers assistance during race competitions like uphill, circuit and rally.


This race means climbing uphill with a car of a stretch of road being on a run time.


Cars are driving on a technological and advanced plant where competition takes place.


Rally means a race over a long distance running on tarmac and gravel roads. The roads are divided into several sections, special stages and connecting roads. You run a rally in a pair – a pilot and co-pilot. Rally cars travel with a distance of one minute to one minute. The real race of a rally takes place during the special stages, where the quickest time is most important.


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